only the beginning.

i have so much to talk about. hopefully i will write until i feel better because writing helps me take these bundled up thoughts and finally put them in writing. there is so much that goes on in my head and i have a hard time actually putting what i want to say in order. I mean i have all these feelings inside. Im angry, im sad, im confused. I mean im not just this girl that wants to feel sorry for myself but everyone has a right to be sad. Everyone has the right to feel empty and alone. But it isnt good for you. And if writing about things makes you feel better then do that. I wish for a second i could feel good inside. i wish for a minute i could see myself as beautiful and confident. But once you have this negative mind set on who you are, its hard to change it. i dont know, maybe its just me? i have dreams. i have goals and honestly being this way makes it really hard to motivate myself. All i know right now is that i have to try.  so this is just an entry to let you know this is just a little piece of how im feeling and this is the beginning and i will continue writing entries. Not only for me but for others who may relate to how im feeling.

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