Quick update on my life

Things are pretty much the same. Same work, apartment and skating. Getting little tired of same repeated daily life but have not really get any good news to break that circle and it costs too much to take a risk at the moment. However, I know that I want some changes in my life.

Been spending my free time on new update on GoodnightJournal.com and New WordPress theme I designed for WP repository. It bothers me little that plugin I purchased has some issues that effect features critically and it really delays everything I have planned. I really want to have this update to offer better user experience on writing and managing journals but can’t just do that without fixing those issues on the plugin. I’m still waiting for them to fix.

Also spending lots of time on skating and feel like I got way better on skate skills in past couple day. Last Sunday session at Belmont harbor with Anton and Jose helped a lot for me to get to next level. I love the jump and Mabrouk videos from last Sunday. Can’t stop watching it 🙂

Well that’s about it. I just have to get things done!

Goodnight everyone!

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