Reflection 4: What Next For My Facebook Page?

I’m not really sure about the “what next” for my facebook page. It could be a place where I can make connections with my students and post things that I think is “interesting” and I would want to share with my students and hopefully they get something from it. I suppose I could use the facebook page as a journal entry place for students to write there thoughts and have others clarify or expand on and share ideas and watch thought processes and students minds grow. I could also use it as a book club area, so when students read and get together with their groups, they can share things on the class facebook page, instead of writing me a paper each time they have a discussion. Students could hold they’re own conversations/discussions on the book or different topics, instead of having me lead the conversations, I’d just be there to make sure things don’t get out of hand.

It could also be a place for students to talk and ask questions and getting support from classmates instead of running to me first, instead ask a friend/classmate first and if they don’t know then come ask me. There are many possibilities for me to continue using this facebook page in a classroom that the list can go on for a long time. But I also feel like the use of this facebook page could be of a hinderance. What if I have students in my class who don’t have access to internet or even a computer? What if they don’t have a facebook account, so they can’t find the page in general, or comment on the page? That would make it harder for a student.

What do I think about GoodNight Journal?

I found it very easy to use, and easy for me to spit out all of my thoughts onto one page and not having to worry about mistakes or anything else, because it spell checks for me. Personally, GoodNight Journal feels like a blog, but I don’t think blogs are the same as journals though. I see blogs as a place that needs to be updated every single day, and its rather informal. Whereas a journal you can write about anything that’s important to an individual. Its a daily record of things that have happened to you or others, about news or events. This is a very fun place for me to be able to spit everything out, and it feels like a relatively safe place to work/write.

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