Schedule Anxiety

I feel so incomplete for school, there are so many questions left blank on my online tests, and I just realised we have to do a project for Trigonometry, I felt like I don’t need to do these things because I’m just gonna fail anyway, It seemed like I have given up since I’m not putting my best effort in my academics probably because I had the sense that if I can’t do better this term I can do better next term, but the thing I’m concerned about is can I really do that?, can I really put more effort next semester?, will I ever change my study habits?, will ever stop procrastinating and commit my self to studying?, I’m scared that I might just screw up again and then what?Repeat the semester again and again?. I’m also scared about my schedule for the next term because I might have some really bad time management because there was this online course enlistment and I chose a scheduled subject for 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm I decided to choose that since I know some of my classmates would be there, but the time for it is just horrible, I never really liked coming home late, If that was really my schedule I would probably come home around 8:00 pm since the travel time from school to home is really long and I might not even have enough time to study due to the limited time I can be awake at home, I would arrive home around 8:00 pm and I would most likely get a one hour rest in which I would start studying probably around 9:00 pm and bedtime would most likely be on 10:00 pm because I also plan to have a proper sleeping schedule as well. That’s just a horrible schedule to live with!, so I’m going ask in the admissions office if I can still change my chosen schedules. I even thought that would it even be worth it if I stayed in that late scheduled subject I chose?, well I mean yea I heard some of my classmates would be there but does it even matter?, would they even socialise with me?. I just feel like I’m going to be a loner next term since I find it hard to communicate well with people because I can’t even talk to them properly since I’m having a hard time speaking tagalog fluently. There are so many things I’m worrying about, can I really handle all these situations? Will I finally get a relief of things?

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