Who’s afraid of the big, bad wolf?

So this is my introduction into online journals: I’ve just conquered another episode of Doctor Who (thanks, Netflix) with a mouth full of Cheese-It’s. I have a beautifully ornate Journal collecting dust on my dresser. I last wrote an entry months ago. I find it easier to type–it’s faster. Will I commit to this? Who knows. I decided to start writing again. 

I suppose I’ll  have to tell you about myself now. You would think this would be easy; but just like in high school when you had to stand up to miniaturize an entire human into 2 sentences to “describe yourself” in front of 30 other strangers and suddenly you were up at bat and realizing how dull you are–here I am, struggling.  I am a brunette. 5’2″. Blue eyes that look grey in the sun and crystalline when it’s cloudy. I am told I have a “Californian” nose. I am currently 26 years young—born in July (a Cancer. Woohoo.) I live in Queens, New York. As a Physician Assistant, I spend five days a week with my hands in ladys’ parts trying to escort their children from  wombs. Often, I spend afternoons cutting them out instead. I enjoy reading–primarily Horror or Sci-Fi (things that help me escape from the boredom of the logical.) In another life I was probably a Jockey, although I’ve taken 2 Equestrian lessons in this one.  On October 19th, I will have been married for two whole years to a great guy 11 years my senior. Dating for 7 since today. Happy Anniversary, skeptics. I don’t have offspring of my own…yet. I have a beautiful cat the color of the night sky who lives with my mom because Joe (the husband) can’t breathe oxygen when she’s nearby. He has an annoyingly energetic chihuahua that lives with his mother for pretty much the same reason.  

So, there I am. A human being with feelings, thoughts, crazy ideas, crazy friends, a pretty great life so far–boiled down to a paragraph.  Speak to you soon.   


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  1. Welcome! I hope you keep on writing here because I think we have a lot in common – including our birthday, if that’s what the numbers in your name indicate 😉 – and I enjoy the way you write.

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