1 from the vaults 29th october 2007 337 pm monday


(note… this was when i started to realize i should be in this journal thing for the long haul and realized i might be really looking at crippled so i changed up the way i started to keep the journal a little. this had a sheet of paper with the instructions on it for the steroids tablets we tried -and ultimately not only didn’t work but led to us discovering i’m quite allergic to them-  i didn’t really change the pattern till a later book, so for now i’ll just make a note when i have something extra stuck in here. it was methylprednisoln 4mg and i was given 21 of them to be taken on an 8 day descending scale. 7 the 1st day 6 the next etc so on day 8 i only had to take 1 in the morning)

my sense of smell and taste seem to be already returning to normal which is good. i was a little worried that little side effect was going to stick around for a while or something.

so far still nothing happening with making appointments for the pain clinic or the allergy clinic. i need them to pay attention and do their damn job. the allergy clinic says it can take up to 2 weeks to even acknowledge a referral and in a way i sort of need that 1 more urgently than i need the pain clinic. i’d like to know what my allergetic limitations are (kay so i made up a a word) before they start prescribing more stuff in case i turn out to be allergic to it.

Will might be coming by later to returns the things he borrowed (for his costume. a scarf, a really crazy bag and some costume jewelry that i don’t own anymore because my kid wanted it) Guess we’ll see!


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