I told myself that I didnt really like him. That I only had interest because of all the people flocking to him- hes like a magnet- and I cant explain how everyone is just drawn to him. myself included. But I went there. I think deep down I knew it would happen the way that it happened. And its wonderful. But being the self sabotager that I am, how long could it possibly last. I am overly critical like my mother and his little flaws will grow into a reason for me to end it, just as I have ended every other relationship.


Like the fact that he doesnt want to use condoms. That right there is a deal breaker because I dont want kids.


but he is so sweet. and totally cool, and funny. and great in bed. *sigh* this is a dilema.



There is an excitement i feel when Im around him that I cant really describe or explain. Like just being near him is soul food.


Maybe its cause he is so much like myself.

Im not sure if thats a good thing or a very bad thing.


Only time will tell.

One thought on “JAC”

  1. I think you should give him chance. I mean you did admit that he makes you feel good, give yourself want you clearly want: him. And then when it feels to much, demand space. Treat yourself girl.

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