Positive vibes

So i didnt write for a while iv been in and out a lot… numb,mad,depressed, idk just all over. But i feel like this is finally the breaking point in my life. Theres some things that just cant be fixed  and my past is one of them. Im moving on with my life bettering myself each and everyday and thinkin about the positives to come. The people i surround myself with have beautiful hearts, the inspire me to do better for myself.  I went through a rough couple months of my life, but im finally starting  to feel  like me again

Im not sure what the future holds and im sure there will be plenty more bumps along the way. But im keeping my head up and putting a smile on every step of the way. I refuse to ever be so down on myself  again for some elses actions. I love myself today and without the help of my friends building me up id be hopeless. I have hope, very high hope for my future. Im ready  to do amazing things, and help who i can. But in the meantime i still need to focus on myself. Im so ready to move forward in my life no more steps back 💖👣

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