Sept. 16, 2015 – Readings in Recovery: Today’s Gift from Hazelden

Wednesday, Sept. 16, 2015

Today’s thought from Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation is:

Self-interest is but the survival of the animal in us. Humanity only begins for man with self-surrender.
 — Henri Amiel

When we were lost in our addictive ways, we were driven by self-interest. We didn’t necessarily like ourselves or want to be so self-centered. But we had no inner resources to help us escape the trap of our egos. When we were there, we could not see outside ourselves well enough to ask for help. Surrender, we thought, brought only defeat and humiliation.

The inspiration of this program brings us possibilities that cannot originate from within. When we surrender, we are no longer captives within our skins. We are actually restored to a more natural state as people in community with others, who literally cannot survive as isolated individuals. We must be a part of the give and take within the group, just as it has been for human beings since the beginning of time.

Today, I surrender my self-interest again, knowing I must do it over and over.

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