1 from the vaults30th october 2007 549pm tuesday


it has been my misfortune to experience my 1st 10 on the pain scale. I’s now receding to a 9 as the Codeine kicks in is gradually -ah kicking in. it just did. whoaboy! i decided to try just taking an Ibuprofin 800 at 4pm to see just how bad it was and was that ever STUPID!!!! Let’s see if i can turn my wordsmithing talent into perspective for my readers (note. i always write everything assuming someone will read it someday.be bold. tentative writing doesn’t do anyone any good. if you have something to say? say it! but say it like you ARE saying it to someone always. it’ll completely alter the way you tell a story) …….it felt like my right leg was encased in molten lava and someone was compressing it from all angles at the same time. the left wasn’t AS bad, but IT locked up and sent a series of muscle spasms running through both legs as if they were trying to get loose to go and hurt somewhere else where they wouldn’t be disturbing me. ye fucking Gods! if i never and i mean NEVER experience that again it’ll still be too soon. still hurts like hell. about an 8.7 on the right and a 7,3 on the left. i do not like this even A LITTLE bit. this really really really REALLY sucks!


(note. looking back on that NOW. bahahahahahahahaha. i live with 10’s off the charts daily now)

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