*What is something you do well?*

I think I’m pretty good at makeup.

I’ve been interested in makeup since I was 12, but my mom never encouraged me to try makeup and experiment with it. When I turned 13, I bought my first concealer, mascara and setting powder. I was terrible at it. I was so terrible at makeup I would rather not remember how terrible it was. Then, I discovered the magical world of Youtube makeup tutorials. NikkieTutorials and Shaaanxo showed me some cool ways to do makeup, and also basics like foundation, concealer, and basic eyeshadow rules.

Some of the basic things I figured out on my own, and it’s usually the brand of makeup I use (I use Rimmel and other drugstore brands, because I’m broke and I can buy it myself with the allowance my parents give me). I also figured out how to put eyeshadow and do winged eyeliner on my eyes (which are hooded, aka a pain in the ass) just by guessing, testing and doing it in my free time.

A week ago, I got my first normal eyeshadow palette that I absolutely LOVE (it’s called the Nudes by Maybeline, with 12 colours which look very similar to the original Naked palette by Urban Decay and I love it so much). I do have a huge Sephora palette that I got for my birthday a long time ago, but even though it’s Sephora, it’s terrible. Yes, it’s got interesting colours, but they wouldn’t go on my eyelids at all. I used primer, concealer, foundation, I tried everything possible on my eyelids — the colours wouldn’t either stay and they blended really badly. But anyway, Maybeline made 3 more palettes the same structure as the previously mentioned palette which has Smoky colours, warm nudes, like pinky nudes, and a brights palette, with bright colours. AND I WANT THEM ALL.

I just realised how much I went on and on about how I love my new eyeshadow palette, and never actually explained the ‘doing well’ part about makeup. Well, I look good, and when I give advice on makeup to other people, they do it and they like it. So I guess that’s good? I have no idea. But I love doing other people’s makeup and giving them tips and tricks. I actually want to go to proper makeup school and become a certified MUA, but not for magazines or anything, just kind of like the local makeup artist.

So here it is. Makeup is something I do well.



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