Chemistry Tests, Singing Auditions and Missing Boyfriends.

So today I had my first chemistry test of the year and…it sucked. I didn’t have ANY time this week, mainly because I went though my lazy phase when I’m a bit depressed and because I had a bunch of drama theatre trips and I didn’t have time to study. So I crammed everything in at the last minute and when I read through the paper I died a little inside. I think I just failed half the paper, but it’s not my GCSEs, so I don’t particularly care that much. Maybe that’s a bad thing and I should care more, but I just don’t.


I think I did mention I was auditioning for a school musical, but if I didn’t, now you know. I did my acting audition, and I had my singing one on Wednesday. Because I’m in a new school, and nobody has heard my voice or me performing, and the first person to hear it was the new drama teacher who is literally the nicest and sweetest person on the planet. So I sang, and then when he said I had a very nice voice and I have a very good chance of getting in the musical, I wanted to die because I was so happy. Also, I nearly peed myself before actually singing because I was so nervous.


My boyfriend hasn’t been online in a week. We are long-distance, and I worry hugely about him. He’s a bit suicidal and he can get depressed at times. I always imagine the worst-case scenario, and to be honest, it’s been a bit lonely without him. He always makes me laugh whenever I need it most, and we sometimes talk about the problems we both have, because we have sort of the same problems and the understanding gives us a bit of a closure. And, he’s coming to visit me when he finishes school (which he does in December 2016) and I’m super excited! I’ve been excited for ages, every since he told me he would take a gap year just to come and see me (which I think is a HUGE sacrifice), even though it’s quite a long way away. My worst-case scenario is that something bad happened to him and I will never find out about it because we are so far away, but maybe the most probable thing is he wasted all his data for the month, which means I’ll have to wait until the 1st of October which is a long ass time….sigh.



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