I am surrounded by people who believe depression is not a real thing. They tell me Katie that it is all in your head. With that being said I’m not to shy of thinking I’m crazy. Why do i feel this way? Why am I not normal? Why am I always tired? Why do I have no motivation? Why do I constantly think about sleeping? I have been to the Dr. they tell me the same things “Oh you’re to young. You’re a new mother it must be your thyroid because you should be loving life.” NEWSFLASH I love my daughter but I constantly feel overwhelmed. I’m a stay at home mother for crying out loud. I have always wanted this. I have a soon to be husband I honestly couldn’t love a ounce more. WHAT IS CAUSING ME TO FEEL THIS WAY? I feel lost with nowhere to turn and that is why I am here. I need you guys. I want to feel like the old me again. BTW there is nothing wrong with my thyroid all test came back aye okay.

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