Finally (it happened to me)

The first time I saw you
You awoke the feeling I never knew
I discovered it the first time I felt it
A strange feeling that made an innocent heart to beat

I didn’t expect this feeling I have for you
I knew this to myself since the day I saw you
That you and I can’t be together
Nor spend some time with each other

But as time pass by, my feelings started to change
Everything comes to me as a challenge
I wanted to talk to you and know you better
Asking questions like “Can we be together?”

At times when I find myself beside you
I just can’t help myself not to fall in love with you
From the times that we’ve shared
I didn’t expect myself to be bothered

By the feeling that I couldn’t pursue
Until I realized I was falling for you
I wish for us to be together
To value each other and wait til’ forever

Whenever I feel sad or lonely
You’re always there, helping me- guiding me
Being with you has made me a better person
And that’s something I will cherish every season


~ iamNeverheard

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