1 from the vaults 31st october 2007 428pm wednesday


I’m living dangerously- apopropriate (fuck you. okay sp? anyone? and yes i really do mean that. spelling correction comments when i make spelling mistakes and follow them up with sp? will be THANKED! yes, i mean that. my spelling is awful) for Halloween, yes? I’m not using the crutches. I’ll use my mismatched canes since 1 of them is the 1 i use with my ren garb which i am wearing tonight. i look phenomenal of course (can we say leo ego? sure we can)

of course, mom is using the traffic as an excuse to possibly not come and get me. she’s already 1/2 an hour late and no, i’m not surprised at all!

i might have a backup though. i can probably call dad who’s going over there and get him to come and get me, but i do not want to have to do that since she said she’d do this. it’s about typical of her.

i’ll probably hurt like hell tomorrow which will be no surprise, but damnit, i am not letting this fucking RSD get in the way of my favourite holiday!


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