He is unlike anyone I’ve ever dated, ever. I love it and hate it.

The control freak in me is going crazy. I want to give up my control and just let him take it. He’s so dominant in a lot of ways and that’s so comfortable/uncomfortable. I’m warring with myself. It’s both terrifying and amazing.

Im used to taking the reigns and making the choices in my relationships. He doesn’t make me do that. I like it a lot but I’m not used to it. So it’s kind of freaking me out.

When I’m not with him I want to be, and I want his hands on me all the time. Not in a particularly sexual way (although, he does make me wanna get it on all the time) but just touching my knee or holding my hand. He comforts me in a way that I can’t really explain.


I cannot be falling for him this quickly.

please let it just be butterflies…

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