1 from the vaults 1st november 2007 829 pm thursday


there. got my errands run. i also got a 2nd cane that’s the same basic type as the one i already have.

they have so many different kinds 🙂 nice to see i had a lot of colour and style options. i went with basic black though because it matched the one i had already (since then i have given the other one away and kept only the original. if i’m out of he building it usually involves crutches) since the point was they they match in style and shape. it’s easier to walk with 2 sturdy canes too. sort of like i imagine cross country skiing would be.  i still can’t do any distance and walking at all hurts like hell though.

speaking of which, yes, as i predicted i am sore as hell today. it did not stop me from running my couple errands though. it’s great to be able to get out for a little while even if mom was reading me the riot act the entire freakin time. ‘if you’re going to make the shop people carry things for you, next time just give me the damn list’ (i wasn’t. they offered. i had the cart i was using as a walker.) and ‘you need to ask scott to let you have a ground floor apartment (there are no ground floor apatments except in the back and those are 2 bedroom flats. a jump of more than a hundred more. was she going to cover that? and like i want anyone over my head thumping around all night!)


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