Yesterday was a great day! It was Friday and I went to the park to my cousin’s birthday party so I could see my family. I didn’t satay there for too long and, after that, I went to my friend’s house to have dinner. It was really nice being there, and after we ate (with her ten-year-old brother, who is really cute) she played a song on the piano. It was really beautiful and I was really impressed, now I want to learn to play the piano -the guitar is cool, but I can’t do fingerpicking yet and classic music sounds best in the piano. Then we went to the pubs and spent a few hours with our friends. I had never been to the pubs with my friends, I had only been ther twice (or maybe three times) with my sister and her friends, though I never drink. It was a really funny night and we met people who I didn’t expect to be there -there was even this girl who I didn’t use to like and now sh doesn’t look so bad as a friend. And I was a bit surprised when, when I was coming home, a boy from my class came with me untill we got to my house (walking). He was nice -and not like that, I seriously think he is in love with my best friend. I really appreciated that he wated to come with me -not a lot of people want to do things for me, only boys (okay, one boy) who want that thing. I said that I could come home alone and he said something like “you’re not going home alone, you’re so skinny to go alone by the street at this hour!”. It was cute because, as I said, he’s not even my friend, he’s like an acquaintance. I can’t wait to go out again with the same people! Two years ago I wouldn’t have thought that I’d have more than two good friends…

And, well, I just wanted to keep this memory here so I could read it when time passes by and remember about second grade of preparatory -let’s see if it is not as bad as they say. And to finish, today was a complete normal Saturday, I went to my grandma’s house to have lunch with my family because I don’t have to study a lot yet, I’m in the first week of school.

And, how was the first day of school this year? It was kind of cool, I like almost every teacher -except, of course, the Maths one. But my class is the same that last year and I don’t think I’ll have trouble handling the only girl who hates me. Oh, and I am the new delegate, it’s the first time that I am (now that people don’t only vote for the populars I can be it), and the truth is that I am not really excited about it. I didn’t want to be the delegate, but if I wasn’t, a stupid boy would’ve been chosen (I’m ashamed to say that I only beat him for one vote) and I hate when people don’t do right their job. Well, I think this was enough about my week, now I’ll probably write about somehing more… deep.

Note: I don’t know if you play something in the piano or on the piano.

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