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Friday night which means football! The Trojans played the Whitehall Vikings at Thirlby field. Not quite the packed stadium like last week, and the atmosphere seemed more relaxed (at least initially). Whitehall is a school located in the Muskegon area and the school is about half the size of Traverse City Central. Whitehall’s football team is not even in the same conference league as the Trojans, but it did not mean they were pushovers. Like the Trojans, they had won their first 3 games, and a win against a larger school would have been a major feather in their helmets. So they came to win and the game turned into a nerve wrecking, nail biting experience for the fans. Okay that means granny went from relaxed to a nervous wreck, and I once again found myself yelling until I was hoarse.

Finally, the program listed Jacob as player number 78 so hopefully, this problem has been fixed for the season. But I was prepared to do my part if it wasn’t. There wasn’t even a security guard at the press box so there would have been no challenge.

On to some game highlights. The Trojans lost the coin toss and the Vikings elected to kick to the Trojans in the first half. The Trojans received, caught the ball, and ran it to the 32 yard line. They racked up first downs and managed to put the first touch down on the score board including the extra point for 7 points. Viking ball and they too managed to rack up first downs, and earn their first touch down plus the extra point tying the score 7 to 7. Ball returns to the Trojans who managed to move the ball down the field gaining enough yards to achieve 4 first downs. On a fourth down, they managed to score their second touch down plus the extra point putting 14 points on the score board. We are still in the first quarter. Ball returns to the Vikings who were not able to score before the quarter ended but the ball was still theirs. Shortly after the second quarter began, the Vikings scored their second touchdown plus the extra point again tying the game 14 to 14. Game is now getting intense as both sides are moving the ball down the field but not scoring. On one play, the Trojans had a loose ball and it was nip and tuck who would recover it. It first looked like we would, then the Vikings, but finally the Trojans managed to recover their ball. However, the Trojans were forced to punt to the Vikings on their fourth down. On the Vikings second play, they attempted a pass which was intercepted by a Trojan player and the ball returned to us. With this advantage, the Trojans were able to score another touchdown plus the extra point which put 21 points on the board, and once again gave them the lead. With just less than 2 minutes in the quarter, the Trojans kicked the ball to the Vikings, but they were unable to score and had to punt the ball to the Trojans on their fourth down. The Trojans were not able to score before the second quarter ended but had the lead at half time.

Third quarter and the Trojans kicked the ball to the Viking coin toss winners. Much like the Titan team last week, the Vikings figured out that Jacob was an obstacle. I saw 3 players on him attempting to block his progress. The Vikings were not able to score and punted the ball to the Trojans. Likewise, the Trojans could not score and had to punt the ball back to the Vikings. Vikings were moving the ball down the field but again were not able to score and punted the ball back to the Trojans. On the punt, the ball touched a Trojan player and the Vikings recovered the ball. Things are getting very tense. Vikings moved the ball down to the 17 yard line but could not score. Trojan ball but they were forced to punt when they could not score. Ball returns to the Vikings with less than one minute in the quarter. Viking players are pumped. Ball carrier was tackled but managed to keep going picking up several yards and a first down just before the third quarter ended. Fourth quarter and the Vikings are getting dangerously close to another touch down. Quarter back attempted a pass and a Trojan player caught it in the end zone for a touch back. Trojan ball on the 20 yard line. The Trojans were moving the ball down the field and made a huge run for a touch down but there was a flag on the play so it did not count. Did I mention the game was intense? But with a 10 yard penalty against the Vikings the Trojans picked up a first down. But the Viking defense held them and the Trojans were forced to punt the ball back to them. On their third down, a pass was intercepted by the Trojans. But on the Trojans third play the ball got loose and the Vikings recovered. With this advantage, the Vikings scored a touch down on an 80 yard run plus the extra point tying the game 21 to 21. Trojan ball and they are moving the ball well and with just under 2 minutes left in the quarter, the Trojans score another touchdown plus the extra point. The Trojans kicked the ball to the Vikings who were desperately trying to get another touchdown to tie the game. This forced them to play on the 4th down versus punt, but they were not successful in scoring. The ball is back to the Trojans with 29 seconds left in the quarter. Obviously, they want the clock to run out so they take their sweet time earning them a penalty for delay of game. Clock has 18 seconds left and it is the Trojan’s fourth down. I am standing and yelling while my heart is thumping wildly. The Quarter back passes the ball to one of his running backs who hangs around for a few seconds and then starts to run backwards towards the Trojan end zone. What? He was going the wrong direction! It turned out to be a brilliant play. It allowed the Trojans to ensure the ball did not revert to the Vikings and run out the clock to win the game! Whew!! Even Granny worked for that one.

Four pictures – The big smile on Jacob’s face is a winning smile. The score board proves the win. Granny managed to get a picture next to her star player, and another picture of Jacob, Evan and Jacob’s brother, Zander. Saturday Zander plays against Evan as they play on different teams. This Saturday Granny will be there. But for now I need to pour myself into bed so I can restore my voice in time for tomorrow’s game. Bragging Granny signing off!

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