Need a Life

Realizing things that others do not, seeing the world in a more logical manner.
Then in a few,
you had been moved by what they are telling you, that there is more to life then after realizing as such it will just be stocked on the little part of your brain that says ” dumpster thoughts” and you’ll eventually be soaked to your life’s cycle.
I had realized a tons of things that there were times I can’t comprehend myself.


I am a man with plans… (before)
I got my dreams and goals… (I can recall them)
I know love… (it means change)
I know the truth… (that there’s heaven and hell)


I need a life,
Do know how but can’t manage to have

I need a life,
Friends? where the heck are they? are they those who you’d spent your time with for some time then forget you after that event?

I need a life,
I knew, I did, I believe in fate, I can recall what destiny means,
But why am I living a cycled life?

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