So, JA finally came out and asked me to play , I just can’t and told him , I was uncomfortable with the whole situation.
I dont agree with the way L ,is going about any of this. I would NEVER ask my child to lie, for me. I now know , she will. Because JA has no clue , that A will be staying there, with L and E. Who, exposes their child and makes them an active part of an affair? Seriously, people baffle me. Maybe it comes down to the way , you believe again. I’m not sure….
What I do know is, I don’t want MY child exposed to any of it. I’m certainly NO angel…but really.
I’m just ready to be gone away from it all.

It’s cloudy and dreary out. T came ,and  got my car. Im tired of that as well. But , I seriously have a problem telling people , No. I always have had that little problem.

Oh well, I’m going to finish up some paperwork, think , I’ll get the girls to moving some, in all fairness its a lazy kind of day, cuddle up and watch a good movie, kind of one. I guess, I’ll MOVE and let them enjoy a lazy day.


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