*What is the worst thing parents can do to their children?*

I am lucky enough to have a mom who listens to me whenever something is bothering me, when I’m sad, and when I just want to cry. It sucks crying alone, and bottling up emotions is extremely unhealthy.

Now, some people might think my statement is a bit stupid, especially since some parents abuse their children and some neglect them completely, but with those kind of parents, the child can do something about it — you can call Social Services, 911, Childline, or whatever other helpline in the world. You can get yourself out of an abusive and toxic household.

My mom would always listen to me when I cried, when I was mad, and when I was depressed and sad and felt like I just didn’t want to do anything anymore. She wouldn’t even give good advice, or any advice for that matter. She would just listen to me, and just hug me.

Some parents just don’t listen to their children, but not neglecting, but not really listening to what they have to say, because of too much work, their own troubles — too many excuses to me. Your child could be depressed, self-harming, suicidal, and you may never know. To those parents — forget for a second about you, about work, sit down, and just listen to your child, listen to their problems, listen to them cry. Then just hug them, and say it’s going to be ok.

Sometimes, that’s all someone needs.

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