annoyed and some updating

well, i have good news. i managed to get Glarf drawn. colour ink and all. now my scanner is acting like it doesn’t know what the fuck it’s only purpose in being IN here is. so i have to wait for Chris again (and i’m a little torqued because i’m still waiting for him to come up and look at this dvd rom burner drive and tell me yes or no that it looks like the module is far too massive for the tower i have.  it’s an OLD one from over a week ago.)

my hand has finally healed enough that i’m able to use it without it bugging me too badly. well, any more than it usually does, especially considering my newest trick from a few days ago. i stretched and injured myself. no not like stretching to dance or do martial arts or tumbling or something (all of which i know how to do and know not to push it LOL) HOWEVER, as i keep reminding people it’s those little unguarded moments when i fuck myself up. i’ve joked you could put me on a 2′ wide wall 10′ in the air and i’d be comfortable as all get out and safe as houses. i could run back and forth, lounge, nap, or just hang out and read and be fine. but then you ask me to walk across a bare room with a flat floor when i’m a little distracted and i’ll trip over a shadow on the floor.

well. i stretched. as in yawn, creeeeeaaaak streeeeetch! and yelped in startled pain, crumpling down around my left forearm which was having a seizure all by itself. i guess when i stretched i went full reach 1st, then twisted my wrists and forearms ad that’s when it happened. felt like someone reached in with a soldering iron and dragged it along the inside of my arm burning straight down through the muscle to burn right into the bone. almost a week later and it still hurts damn near as bad as it did when it 1st did it. my left arm. yea okay. you can be fucked up. (looks at right arm) YOU hang in there.



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