Still Alive


Wow.. It’s been a year and a lot of months since I last wrote. Alot of things have changed like I mean ALLOOTTTTT.
I’m 16 years old now, my life is getting on track now.
I used to feel really depressed before but now it’s getting better..
I’ve been seeing a psychologist with my issues and it has been going great.

My friends are alot different now then the last time I wrote about them. Don’t want to talk about it, it’s not all positive but Dani is the only person that has been the realest in the world full of fakes.
LOVE HER TO BITS. <3333333

I have a job now which mean I’m earning mullah 😉
it’s pretty good, I’m able to get along with everyone and it’s amazing!
A great new experience..
I still feel alittle unhappy.. I don’t know why..
maybe it’s just the complicated stuff in life.

I’m going to be in year 12 next term. I flunked year 11 because of what I’ve been going through. Everything thing’s I’m just lazy or not bothered but little do they know what depression is. I’m not lazy but I can’t be bothered doing anything because this depression is consuming me 24/7. Of course you wouldn’t know until you’ve experienced it. It’s funny because there was this one time when I was feeling sad and one of my friend’s boyfriend noticed it and asked her if I was alright and she said yeah she’s fine. Wow. My own close friend couldn’t tell I was sad but someone I don’t know well knew it. Whatever.

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