finally as promised…. looks like Company Man has a shot at being something after all. i keep getting fed little snippets of information by the muse. little dribs and drabs. he’s the main character. 7′ tall riot cop mutant obviously (well could have been an alien i guess, but i don’t see aliens in this at all yet) there’s more to it, but let me get more concept on paper 1st. i just wanted to make sure i could even DRAW what i KNEW was 1 of my main characters. even if it’s only a novel not of the graphic variety (this is way WAY too involved for me to draw it out completely, but i want to be able to draw parts of it for myself or whatever. that’s how i work. i have to know my worlds before i can describe them)

so yeah. there’s Glarf. main character (well 1 of them) of Company Man.



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