Happiness is beauty

When i think of how i want to be in life i think big. Not just some cliche girl with a huge house, 3 cars, a handsome husband, shopping spree’s. big to me is, I think of myself as being happy. I mean actually happy and satisfied with how my life is going. i would like a house with a family vibe, with homemade dinners, and art work on the walls, and soft couches. I want a lifestyle where i am not settling for anything less than what i want. i want to be comfortable. I want to go to work happy with what i’m doing and come home happy with what i’m doing and love where i am. I always pictured living in a small house, when you walk inside it’s just this happy environment where i have a husband and a daughter because honestly i always think about what it would be like to have a daughter.  i think of walking in and she runs into my arms and we cook dinner together as a family. Me and my kid would bake a cake for dessert. and we’d sit there at our dinning room table and talk about our day and my husband will talk about work and my daughter would show me the art work she made in pre-school. Then after we would watch movies or just play board games. When all that was over i would tuck my baby into bed. My dream job is being a cosmetologist. Its not just because “oh it sounds fun!”. its because my whole life i have felt a whole lot less than beautiful and thats what i want to do. Make girls feel beautiful. And it would make me feel like a good person. PLUS being able to do things like that is fun. So to me it’s a win-win. Going big isnt about the the money and expensive things. Going big is doing all you can to be happy in your life. Money is the bonus.


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