I’ve started building – rebuilding – a brick wall.
I need more bricks to cover it all.
In my mind, it should be tall.
It should be tall enough, so no one can see that something has taken another fall.

It’s just another wall; you can walk on.
No need to stop by and look what lies behind it.
Just pieces to be recollected into one.
I have to stay whole to be fine, even bit by bit.

What’s behind there?
I know you’ll find some time to care.
But I’m sorry; I’m just too scared.
I’d rather have you go somewhere.

It’s still building.
No need for you to see what’s been broken.
It’s just a temporary feeling.
Until the storm passes, I’ll just tame and keep it hidden.

Sshh…don’t look at me.
No need to worry.
I’m not going crazy.
Just think about her.
Perhaps the two of you can still get back together,
and I’ll find a way to feel better.

(Jakarta, 22/9/2015 – 5:30 am)

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