1 from the vaults 4th november 2007 335pm sunday


well, i am sore as hell today, but it was worth it. a friend of Will’s had complimentary tickets to Musical of Musicals the Musical and got sick and gave them to him. he called me at 535pm and asked me out. thanks to my own musical theatre training 1 1/2 hours was more than enough time to prepare and eat a light dinner (talapia filet, 4 colours of bell peppers and potato and cheese perogis all lightly sauteed in garlic, butter, paprika, wasabi and a splash of soy sauce. yummy!) and dress simply but elegantly in a sleeveless russett coloured batik’ed dress with bamboo fronds all over it that laces up the back, a fawn velvet cowl necked hooded sweater and black mary janes with my hair french braided with black ribbon in it.

i was fine until about 20 minutes from the end because the fat guy in front of me kept bouncing back in his chair, laughing and banging into my legs it was up to a 9 easy!

oh well. i really enjoyed talking to the male lead’s mother who was seated behind me (so obviously we had AMAZING damn seats!) and while we were waiting for the lights to go down, found out i’d never seen it and didn’t mind being talked to during the show (which is when i found out who her son was LOL) and she spent the whole show perched forward in her seat whispering to me both of us giggling and she and her husband were very impressed by my theatre knowledge (since it’s a parody show, i got to spend the whole time playing name that operetta which i love doing anyway)


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