get ting the feeling lately and that my next job is just going to be a jump into the endless abyss and you know I have ideas of where I’m going and places I would like to be but nothing in particular really has called me I suppose you know where there are some location that called me more than others but nothing that’s it oh my god I have to go here I’m more of just you know once I leave here I have my plans to you know visit Frisco and visit my family in Arizona but you know other than that I don’t know and for a while and still now not knowing you know where your to go not knowing where your next job is going to be is sometimes hard it’s frustrating it’s stressful and you know it’s all of those things but I think you know you just have to have faith and where you will jump because right now you know I’m just analyzing myself with the possibility of we know where am I going to jump but I’m taking my energy and focusing on the present moment but also a lighting myself for letting my spirit Be alignedand go to the best possible outcome for me and I have to say that somewhere in the desert is where I will end up and I see red you know a lot of people have said Sedona and you know that is a possibility but my Van is not output it for the cold so that would definitely be a very hard winter even though it doesn’t get that cold in Sedona but it would be very cold at night. so right now I am using Google Voice to transmit to my thoughts and so I’m sorry for all the inaccuracies once I get on a computer I will definitely edit this document but as of right now this is where it stands I’ve done my best but every time I change something it delete something so I can’t change anything anyways as I was saying I feel the need of you know you don’t know where you’re going but it’s okay you know you don’t always have to know where the road is going to take you and do you know like right now how you know I’m on the tears of crying cuz I have three weeks left of this job three and I don’t know where I will be spending the winter but I know that every time I have jumped as I have have before in the past you know oh my God my angel source is always taking care of me and have always done the highest good for me and so even though times like right now we’re going to try but its just really it’s an overwhelming feeling of knowing 2 part 2/2 counterparts one having that feeling of like falling into some I’m just following you know and not knowing where you end up but it’s also a feeling of knowing that everything you planned it and has been an amazing experience you know my summer up here in the Tetons has been a very beautiful experience and living here has definitely changed my outlook on what I want to do with my life you know living here as much as I thought I lIked accounting its not you know its not what I want to do with the my life it’s hard for my brain to remain analytical when my brain doesn’t work because it’s up in the fifth dimension and I’m down here you know it doing data entry and its not you know it was not always the most pleasant experience in having to do you know correct my mistakes afterwards with sometimes very frustrating but I also felt like a part of this place was very soul crushing very spirit crushing link you know I came here with expectations thinking that I was going to get all this stuff done but in the end you know I didn’t get the stuff I wanted done but something else happened and you know I made friends I became social for a short time of course but I learned more about myself and I learned that deep down you know like yeah I like on occasion being social but I really just enjoy myself more than I enjoy being with people and I should feel terrible thing that but I don’t because its true and it took the summer to really ingrain that into me that I just like being by myself you know it’s really hard to tell people all the things at Spirit will show you all the spirit things that spirit does for you and they’re just like are you serious like you’re crazy and I’m like no he don’t understand like when you are aligned with your spirit when you are lying with yourself or your true self and your nature when you get those divine messages it it’s been hitting me harder each time because I spend so much time away from my divine self and then when my divine self catches up with me it’s like a and hits me and I have definitely been transported to you know from the 3rd to the 5th immediately and I remember how much I miss being in the fifth how much I miss that divine Acid me and no like anyways it sounds like my roommate is home so I will leave this beef and edit it when I can buy hello

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