I would like to be fluent in English :O

Hello Journal,

This is my first day. Today it’s raining in Grenoble, I’m cold even if I wear socks and a heavy sweater. You know what ? It is the first day of fall! However it makes me feel a little melancholy because I hope to do so many things and time flies too fast.

I’ve got a lot of projects… Why I cannot do everything faster?! However, I still live in hope.

I would like to be fluent in English first of all. But now, I’m writing with Reverso/google translation.

I try to read The NY Time, to learn some english vocabulary, actually there’s a lot more I need to know, but I think anything is possible! I will show them that I CAN DO IT with God’s Help. I will Show A. that I’m not naive, stupid and drifter as he would say. I would do everything with God’s Help. Let me dream, just let me dream.

He’ve been gone two months, but I doesn’t miss him, he not even love me anymore.

Whateve, that’s life! I will not chase him, I can’t get back his love. He so insanely loved me, now he regrets everything, he hate me.

I’m moving on with my life. I try. It’s so hard but I’m happy to show him that I can do anything, and that his words don’t hurt me anymore.

The past few days I work out with my 8 years old little Brother, my goal is : To become more supple because I challenged my 13years little sister to do the splits first and because I would like to practice a martial Arts.

I also would like to practice archery…

Damn ! I have too many things to do, H.E.L.P!  ^O^’

It stopped raining know 🙂


Well, I will return by evening, God willing!




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