My journal for Tuesday and Monday…

Well I have not wrote journals here for awhile again but I’m keep journals everyday on my notebook. It’s just a thing I have to do…

Not much going on with my life. Still busy working on I spent all my free time yesterday to work on the site and had dinner at 10PM that J cooked. Then had to go back to work till midnight or later till I go to sleep. Today, I got home later around 9:30PM cause I went to Devon ave with J. He wanted to get something from Indian market and I want to check out Kurta and buy incense and Indian chilly powder. We had dinner there before the grocery shopping so it took couple hours to do all that.

Back home, tried coconut and mustard oil massage before the shower. Now, I’m trying to wrap up the dat and get back to work for I still want to add some recurring events and some events as well as some other tricks. Some style changes needed as well.

Okay that’s pretty much it for today and yesterday! The weather’s been beautiful here in Chicago. It makes me little sad that I couldn’t really get to enjoy it tho. Hope you had great day! Goodnight and sweet dreams 🙂

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