1 from the vaults 4th novmber 2007 635pm sunday


i’m at about a 7 3/4. the world is seemingly conspiring to make my legs hurt my legs hurt like hell. still sore from going to the playhouse, i went to do the month’s grocery shopping. then today dad showed up and decided to take me to dinner. wouldn’t have been so bad except i had to get into and out of his damn delivery truck TWICE! ah well. it’s over and i have a garbage bag full of (rather appropriate that) junk food that i need to go through. i also need to bring the plants in since it’s been raining all day and is going to be below freezing tonight.

I still need to go through that bag and hang up the plants in the bedroom, but after that i get to relax until tomorrow afternoon when i get to go meet my new dentist. i’ve spoken to him over the phone and he seems pleasant enough. Hopefully he’ll be nice.


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