To the man who didn’t love me right.

And one day i woke up and it was a year later the midnight winds were colder and nighttime seemed to last longer everything had changed and here i  was smoking my late night cigarette while the wind bit away at my nose having lost everything and no way of turning back. You called today to tell me your sorry that you should have been a better husband and that you werent the man you should have been. Your apology you thought would give me closure but it didnt. It brought brand new pain; anger ran through my veins and all i could was sit there and I cried. I bawled my eyes out because it took so long because you had moved on because i was still in love with the person i said i do to. And for a split second i had my best friend back we talked on the phone bout things we couldnt discuss with anyone and when we hung up it was like you were gone again. As i sit here and watch the few cars slowly go bye i remember the bad times but i remember all the good too. It was time to let go because not only did you move on but because it was time for me to be happy. So as i lay my head down tonight i might shed one last tear for that small family we broke up for the years we took making memories and ill let go one last final time so to the man who couldnt love me right i wish you all the happiness in the world and i give you my blessing because even though you werent my mysterious knight you are someone elses and i hope that girl knows how lucky she is to have you the way i did. Goodnight my ghost in shining armor..

One thought on “To the man who didn’t love me right.”

  1. I liked this. It reminds me of my past, and how amazing it feels to have let go, even as hard as it was, It’s worth it in the end. Just remember, you’re going to find another Knight that treats you right, and you’ll be the princess he saves. Let go of the past, and don’t pick up the phone. xx

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