To type or not to type

It is definitely one of those days where I feel like I should be more productive than usual. My solution……get on the computer and type about my boring life. Yup, this is much more productive than cleaning the kitchen, painting, or learning a new skill. It doesn’t help the fact that bobs burgers is playing in the background, though I can’t help myself. That show is hilarious and extremely awkward.

Thus far today I’ve finished a book that seriously took me far to long to read. Not because it wasn’t a fantastic book, but I sometimes loose interest for no reason at all. I very much dislike the fact that when you read you have to be in the mood. Most refer to it as the “reading mood”. When you get out of it you have to try with all your might to get back into it. You can try and try but for some reason it doesn’t work. Then one day you pick up that book and jump right back like you never stopped at all. I believe I finally finished the book because I noticed that I look at my phone far to much nowadays. It unsettles me and makes me feel like I’m wasting a lot of my time on things that don’t matter.

Gah, sometimes I can’t think straight, had to pause the show so I can finish this entry and possibly do something else, like read. Anyways I really want to keep the reading a writing train going. It will take a lot of coal / energy when I would much rather just sit on my butt and watch tv, but I believe I will come out the better for it. Today was my day off which is probably why it feels all the more unproductive and have the possibilities to do something different. Went to barnes and noble and picked up some random book I’ve never heard of. I figured that if it keeps my attention in the store long enough that it was good enough to bring home. I suppose to help myself keep writing i’ll type about the topics in the book that really peak my interest. The book is called “Black Chalk” by Christopher J. Yates.

Kind of reminds me of taking notes in class and ending up with a lot of yellow marker on the side of my hand. Of course that only usually ends up happening to all the lefties in the class. The never ending marks on your hand from simply writing something down. It was even worse when I took art classes. The one time I used indian ink it ended up all over both my hands, don’t ask me how because I haven’t a clue. I just know that indian ink takes a long while to get off. I could have sworn I washed my hands at least thirty times.

Alright well this is getting longer than expected, so time to shut the laptop and get to some good old reading. I don’t need internet to be amused….Did that sound sarcastic?

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