1 from the vaults 6th november 2007 728pm tuesday


well, i have good news and i have bad news, then i have good news and bad news.

my legs are killing me because i have been out and about 5 x this week. and is about an 8 1/2 easy (Halloween, grocery store, dinner, playhouse and dentist)

the 1st good news? NO cavities. take THAT, mothra. and she was so sure i’d have a bunch too (Note-since then of course my RSD combined with all the meds the fuckers had me on eroded the enamel on my teeth and i’m lucky if i have a single unbroken 1 in the lot. no fucking cavities though. they just keep shattering during seizures!) Ha! i take care of my teeth thank you very much. the 2nd bad news? i have a touch of gingvitus, but he’s given me a special mouthwash prescription that i’ll call in to find out if i can post it tomorrow.

the good news? they said that Amerigroup (Note-which i no longer use when they abruptly decided that they as an insurance company specifically to help the handicapped, don’t like DEALING with crippled people eyeroll. that’s damn near an exact QUOTE too when i called and asked what the deal was. it was more along the lines of ‘the company feels that the complications of dealing with patients with such specialized needs has become too much for them to cope with’ ha.) will pay for a partial bridge so no more hole in the front of my teeth so fucking mom will shut up about it (Note-with the concept of my being crippled and dying before her, bitch was more concerned with the fact that they’d had to pull a broken tooth in front and that it made her look bad when i smiled. lovely. you can see why i don’t speak to the fuckers any more) kick ass!

oh and the dentist and his assistant are both really nice too which makes life a whole lot easier when i go there. (when i switched he wouldn’t take Molina)



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