Been up and running around since 9:30 this morning. Had an amazing time with Binks at the kids Day Event at The Boys & Girls Club. The club has been an amazing thing for my son. It has brought him out of his shell and is a place that he looks forward to going to every day. My heart just beams when I see him get there and run to go play with his friends. The entire program is beautiful. Most of the staff that works there grew up as members and the teens there are always volunteering. It truly is a place for kids to come build their talents, learn the value of contributing to others, and realize their dreams. Just fills my heart that my son and I get to be a part of this amazing organization.

After our time there I took Binks to my dear friends house so I could have a little time for myself. It was hard for me to do that since the only time I leave him with someone is just to work but in this journey I’m making a vow to take care of myself more. It has been at least six months since I had someone do my hair and be the client for once. One of the dearest people in my life and someone I worked with when I was working in the salon was so sweet to take the time to make my hair look amazing. She is also just a great person to talk to. While doing my hair we talked about beauty and how beauty has to come from the inside. I told her how I was feeling guilty being there and not with Binks but she looked at me straight in the eyes and said “honey if you don’t take care of yourself & feel great about yourself, your only giving only half of yourself to your son”. I teared up and looked at her shaking my head yes. I want to feel my best and be my best for my son. When she finished my hair I was feeling awesome and so amazingly great. Something I haven’t felt in a long time. Last night I stood in front of mirror taking in my beautiful new cut & color and taking in my entire body. Usually I would pick my body apart but tonight I look at it with all the flaws and all and just see beauty. This body that was God given does have imperfections but it’s still beautiful. I mean come on this body made a beautiful child. To me that’s just beautiful. So part of this journey is to feel beautiful everyday inside & out and to always remember the beauty of others around me. Tonight I sleep with a smile on my face.

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