Birthday fun

All went well, J had a nice party, lots of kidos. He was happy until, the fuss over night goggles, of all things. I’m sure they are fine by now.
Momma is tired, JA, came home with all kinds of Goodies for L. It was truthfully comical, J is opening his gifts at home from party, we ran out of time, they were having too much fun to stop. Lisa was looking at all her stuff. JA is fixing a drink, and L stops and says… It’s actually LaDonnas bday…JA looks extremely uncomfortable, recovers. J , doesn’t care he’s seeing what all he’s got, I laugh….and look at them, and say..its been a GOOD day. I couldn’t want more. I wanted to say, don’t be triffling, tell the man Thank You, and show a bit of appeaciaton.I didn’t of course, I ran got battires, and then came to work, she was on the phone with A, by the time I got back… Lmao. It’s crazy…kind of funny too. She’s been my friend for 30 plus years, I get livid, don’t agree with most she does, but I love her. Therefore, I’m always in her corner. But that’s just me….

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