calm through the frustration

Well shit……It’s fantastic I’m writing a second post than give up on this entirely, but mostly frustrating when you type a whole post and then the second you press submit somehow the computer decided to not collect the data that entered. Great…….I seriously spent like 30 minutes on this post and now I must redo it. There is no way I’ll be able to type it the same as previous, but I shall try to do my best in a timely manner. Somehow I was able to get some alone time this morning so I figured this would be the best time. Though I skipped yesterday there wasn’t to much going on, just a lot of work. For the most part I honestly don’t mind my job. It’s easy and yet fun, but it definitely has it’s tiresome days. Yesterday towards the end was tiresome for sure. It’s strange how the day will start pleasantly and then lead to frustration. Mostly from my own doing as compared to those around me. Most would put blame on others, but for me my mood is decided by me. If I let others frustrate me than there isn’t anyone who can do anything about but myself. Sure people don’t help in the matter, but sometimes they aren’t aware of the things they do. I wouldn’t be surprised if within my odd manner I began to annoy someone or frustrate them as well. We don’t plan these things nor do we wish them on others, but sometimes there isn’t anything we can do but control ourselves.

I suppose yesterday was just one of those extra annoying days. As I’ve stated in my bio I work as a server at a tex mex restaurant. So many enchiladas to sell with so little time, and yet time appears to move slower by the second. There is a perpetual question ringing throughout the restaurant, floating within the mind of every server…..Am I cut?

as a result I have put myself in a position where I’ve learned to do practically everything in the restaurant. I usually state its because I get bored very easily. Which is one of the reasons why I dance around and interact with as many people as possible. So by switching up the position I am in within the restaurant my days don’t seem as boring. Recently I’ve been trying to convince my managers to give me a tortilla shift. Which means I would be in this box like room rolling out the flour tortillas and cooking them on the rotating grill top. It totally sounds lame, I’ll be honest, but I like the nature of it. Besides the ladies in there are probably one of the sweetest that I know. ¬†They all don’t speak a lot of english, but we both know enough to have decent conversations and enjoy each others presence. I got one of them to teach me how to roll the tortillas and how to do the corn as well. Her name is Ruby and she is an absolute treat. She adores me and I actually got to meet her mother one time. She told me I had to call her abuela which translates to grandma in english. I got a kick out of that for sure. At the moment she is on leave to have her baby, which I can’t wait until she brings the little darling around.

Yesterday I was working togo, which means I answer the phone, take peoples orders, and package them up. Sounds simple enough but can honestly get a little nuts sometimes. The key to working on togo is staying calm and positive. When you get stressed out that is when things start to fuck up. So the best thing to do is keep a flow going and know how to work with the others around you. Luckily for me I’ve been doing it long enough to where I know how to flow with all of the other togo people. It’s a fantastic feeling when you get a large rush and you kick it’s ass with just one other person. That usually only happens when you can read each others brain without saying anything and have absolutely no call backs. That happened a few weeks ago and that night I walked away with more in my pocket than I would on a usual night. People are more willing to tip when everything is timely and the server is extremely personable.

Now this whole post to begin with was going to be titled coffee mugs and stray cats, but obviously I didn’t say a word about anything of those things, so of course I should change the title. There….that seems more in tune with the words on this page in a slightly deep manner I suppose. Better than nothing.

Anywho it appears as though I have more to say than I originally thought when I got the idea to start an online journal. It’s funny I informed my boyfriend and roommate about how I had started the journal. Moments later simply stated how it probably wouldn’t late a week. They got a kick out of that, both just started laughing out loud. I think the most funny part about it is how they knew I was being serious when I said that. I guess it was also at a very random moment, but how else do you inject that into a conversation without it sounding random?

Now that I’ve spent another 30 minutes typing this out yet again it appears long enough to let it be. I will definitely be trying to type on here everyday. I think it’s because I’ve grown tired of talking to myself; might as well write it down to where I can reflex on it later and probably get a really good laugh out of it when I’m older. I’m not saying this is going to stop me from talking to myself, that is nuts to think about. Practically impossible. As a side note, I’ve continue to read more of my book. Thus far it is an interesting read with some hilarious points. I’m happy to keep the reading mood alive.

Until next time….

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