DHD Drake

One of the cool things about Drake is that I can see & feel myself in him. There are some experiences that directly tie me into him. And whether or not such is just in my mind or actual stepping points in my own creativity, certain things remain real & true. When I reflect on the many dark areas of my life, Drake is one of the artist I choose to do it too. It makes me kind of appreciative for the fact that he’s chosen to open up & be vulnerable amid an industry, genre, and outlook on life that has typically gone the opposite route.

I had to come to grips with a reality today. My love life is not loving me back. It’s actually confusing me and consitently leaving me alone. For example, one of the darkest moments of my life, as of lately, came by way of my adherence to what I believed was angelic or divine aid toward love & companionship. It turned into a hate, ugly, and a severe attempt to destroy what I worked daily to build. With that in mind, you have to realize why I choose not to believe in a God or Angels. If there are those, they’ve taken delight and true routes at creating my pain, falls, and alienation. The only person to truly take the rap for such is my experience of life.

Do I dare to go on? The rapes, molestations, attempted suicides, overlooks, and just sheer pains & misfortunes. Such were quite avid amid my life, and I thought I had somehow derailed such into luck, success, and a creative fortune, luck, and success.

Today I did what worked so well for me lately, and such gave me, well, realization that it was n’t going to work. Now, what?

So angry that I don’t want to eat. My parents took my car. Just not a good day. We all have them. But in regards to my life, my love life is a cumulative bad, worst day ever…

But I am alive…:)DHD

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