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You have heard the adage “you get what you pay for!” Well apparently since we are guaranteed freedom of speech in this country, and this is a free journal in which one can choose to write privately or publish for public view, there is a colorful mix of journal entries. One mother who attempted to find Granny’s Brag Blog found the web site and clicked on the first public entry she found. Apparently, she had to wash her eyes out with soap. Definitely a racy, x rated entry. As it was her first exposure to goodnight journal, she obviously questioned Granny’s affiliation with this website. So I begin with an apology. It never occurred to me that such posts would be allowed but then there I go showing my age again. See that’s what I get for going all high tech and joining the social media world. I have resisted for years, and this does not encourage me to venture further into cyberspace. But, I’m committed now. Game 5 was tonight and there are only 4 more for the season. So hopefully, you will go directly to Granny’s Brag Blog and avoid stumbling into something that might offend you. Now there may be a few of you curious about the x-rated entry, and that brings us back to it’s a free country!

I know I sound like a broken record. Today’s game was very exciting and nerve wracking. The Trojans played a home game against the Gaylord Blue Devils at Thirlby field. Both teams are in the same league and tonight’s game determines ranking. Both teams won their first four games, and both teams are really good. I mean really good. So a lot was at stake.

The game started at 4:00 PM today because the Traverse City Titians were scheduled to play at Thirlby at 7:00 PM. Traverse City is having above degree temps and today reached 76 degrees. Trojan colors are black and gold, and their home jerseys are all black topped off with a black helmet. I was concerned about heat stroke. I was in Capri’s with sunglasses and a straw hat, and I was definitely feeling the heat. I couldn’t imagine being dressed in black and exercising at full throttle. Plus the sun was beginning to descend, and when teams faced west it must have been most difficult to see. So these young men had some challenges today.

The Trojans won the coin toss and elected to receive in the second half. First quarter and the Trojans kicked the ball to the Gaylord Blue Devils. In very quick time, the Blue Devils ran 73 yards and made their first touch down plus the extra point putting the first 7 points on the scoreboard. Apparently unbeknown to Granny, Jacob had some injury, but I don’t know from what or the extent. He was not able to practice this week. So the Coach decided to only play him on the offense line for this game. Mom Rachel said Jacob told her he was not missing the game and intended to play. I was glad of the Coach’s decision to not push Jacob, and I was glad Jacob did hurt himself in this game. But yes, I was also happy he could play offense, and of course, he was awesome. He not only blocks but pushes his opponent several yards back. Granny couldn’t resist sharing that aside.

After the first touchdown, the Gaylord team kicked the ball to the Trojans. Although they made a couple of first downs, they couldn’t score so the ball returned to those Blue Devils. But they too could not score and had to punt the ball to the Trojans on their fourth down. Trojan ball and they successfully moved the ball down the field and scored their first touchdown including the extra point. Score is tied 7 to 7. Ball returns to Gaylord and the first quarter ran out before they could score.

Second quarter and the ball continues to be with Gaylord. Trojan defense was successful in keeping them at bay, but Gaylord was close to the end zone at the 27 yard line and close enough to attempt a field goal. But they were unsuccessful! That was a nerve wracking play. Ball back to the Trojans. On their third down the Trojan player dropped the ball but fortunately recovered. But that meant punting the ball on their fourth down. Gaylord’s ball and after racking up a couple of first downs, they were successful in scoring their second touchdown plus the extra point putting 14 on the scoreboard and ahead of the Trojans. Trojan ball and on a third down they attempted a pass which was caught by a Blue Devil. However, Gaylord received a penalty for pass interference. This penalty gave the Trojans another first down. However, on the second down, the ball was fumbled and picked up by Gaylord. It looked like the player might be long gone, but a Trojan player managed to trip the ball carrier. Gaylord’s ball and on their second down, the player dropped the ball and this time a Trojan player recovered. I swear this excitement is almost too much for this Granny. My way of letting off some of those nerves is to yell, which I did a lot. Only one woman turned around and gave me the look so I didn’t think that was too bad. It certainly didn’t stop me. My motto – don’t sit in front of me! Maybe I should have that printed on my shirt. But I digress. Trojan ball and this time they were able to score their second touchdown once again tying the score 14 to 14. Ball back to the Blue Devils and we are down to seconds till half time. They did a lot of pass plays which stopped the clock. They also were successful in getting first downs but thanks to a couple of penalties they were not able to score before half time. Half time score is tied.

Third quarter and Gaylord kicked to the coin toss winners. The Trojans were able to rack up some first downs but they also received a few penalties this round for illegal blocking and illegal motion. But by golly the boys were successful in scoring another touchdown plus the extra point moving ahead with 21 points. Gaylord’s ball and player number 44 was something to watch. It often took 3 to 4 Trojan players to bring him down. He would just keep plowing through. And they too were successful in scoring another touchdown once again tying the score 21 to 21. Trojan ball and after moving the ball to rack up 3 first downs, it was enough to get them their next touchdown including the extra point putting 28 on the scoreboard for the Trojans. Ball back to Gaylord and during a second down, the Trojans received a 15 yard penalty for a personal foul. That hurt. However, the Trojans were able to recover a Gaylord fumbled ball and the ball returned to our team. Goodness they were so close to the end zone. But were stopped at the 16 yard line twice, then the one yard line, then the 7 yard line, and then the one yard line. But they finally earned their next touchdown, but the extra point was no good. Trojan’s score is now 34 to Gaylord 21. There is a minute and 37 seconds left in the third quarter and the ball returns to Gaylord. Trojan player number 75 had a awesome play. He broke through the line and stopped the play pushing the player back a couple of yards. Time finally ran out and the Trojans are ahead at the end of the third quarter.

Fourth quarter and another 12 minutes on the board. Lots can happen in 12 minutes! Gaylord’s player number 44 is plowing through the line and making yards but on a second down the Trojans intercepted a Gaylord pass. So the ball returns to the Trojans. This was a difficult set of plays. There were several first downs, but the Trojans also earned a couple of penalties for false start and intentional grounding on a pass play. So on a fourth down, the Trojans were forced to punt the ball to Gaylord. Gaylord ball and they are moving down the field. On a third down, Gaylord lost the ball but recovered it and were successful in gaining another first down. Next play Gaylord passed the ball and a Trojan player was there to intercept! However, the referee did not agree and called pass interference. The crowd was not happy with that call. It looked like a clean interception from where we sat. But that call gave Gaylord a first down. With that advantage, Gaylord made another touchdown. But the extra point was no good because it was successfully blocked by the Trojans so the score is now Trojans 34 to Gaylord 27. We are down to 2 minutes and 16 seconds in the last quarter. After 3 attempts the Trojans were forced to punt to Gaylord on the fourth down. Gaylord’s ball and they are passing with each play. The first two pass plays were incomplete and on their third try, the Trojans intercepted the ball. Trojan ball with seconds left in the game. The Trojans took their sweet time and each play the quarterback went down on his knee allowing the clock to keep running. Until the clock ran out and the Trojans won!!!! I must admit Gaylord was a formidable team, and I was not sure the Trojans would pull this one off but they did! Final score 34 to 27. The Trojan players came to the fence and sang the school fight song for the fans. But they had to leave the field soon after because the Titian game was scheduled to begin. I only managed to get the one picture of Jacob on the side lines as he intently watched the game. This makes 5 games and 5 wins. Hopefully, they can maintain this winning streak. Next two games are away. Next Friday is in Petoskey so Granny’s account will be late.

I leave you with a riddle. Why do they call the Gaylord team the Blue Devils? Because they were pretty blue when they left the field! Ha! Until next weekend, Bragging Granny signing off.

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