life isn’t something you have , it didn’t just appear out of no where god had us made from one part of his man body, i know this might sound weird but god is real but i actually wonder is he really real, how did we even appear on earth , no wait how did he appear. That doesn’t really matter its just the time i’m going to focus on with god at church because i’m still thinking about how much i’m hurting now ,where i have no dad with me he died when i was nine and family is fighting and its just they ain’t hurting because  my dad is gone because they always been disrespectful with my mom since day one before we was even thought of. but it really isn’t right because my mom didn’t do anything but try her best in everything,  and right now meaning today they still judging her saying we need name brand clothes and shoes and what it says in the bible you should not care for what others have but be thankful for what you have and having them to judge what we have over our head and on our backs and on our feet isn’t right. But going over where i actually stuck up for my  mom this year made me feel better because i was tired of all the crazy stuff going in out my moms ears and making her suffer. but anyways right now they trying to make me feel bad about myself, i already have an aunt that told me to kill myself and right now its just my dads mom is sticking up for her daughter and its like all she cared about it that she only wanted to make my mom look bad by buying us stuff and not my mom.


well thats all  i have to say for now because more will be ahead

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