i know i know, i haven’t said much lately.

working on narrowing the field via research for a new GP and PS. getting there. i’ll probably start making calls monday Fates willing.

my hand is finally almost healed scab fell off. the scar is pretty spectacular. it’s shield shaped which amuses me since i got it flinging my hand in front of my face when glass flew across the room. a shield scar for using my hand like a shield. appropos.

finally know what that nebulous concept is. it’s a book at least. Company Man. Glarf’s my main character, but like my other stuff where i jump perspctive to serve plot and exposition, Violet Wraithwind will be the other lead voice. unlike every other story i’ve ever done, Glarf’s the main voice and Violet’s not very much like me at all. (shrugs) this is one my muse seems to want control of so i guess i’m just channeling this shit LOL

so that’s where i’ve been. i’ll be around, but i need my energy for holding myself together (physically LOL) until i can get to a doc.

i’ll be around




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