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Birth Name: Park Jisoo || Stage Name: Jihyo || DOB: February 1st, 1997 || H/W: 162 cm / 55 kg || Blood Type: O || Position: Main Vocal (unconfirmed/unofficial) || Nationality: Korean || Training since: 2005 (she trained for 10 years!) || Motto: Always think positive.


She loves online shopping / She can sing trot songs / She loves R&B Soul / According to Momo, her aegyo is cute / The first ever real Japanese she met was Momo & Sana / Criticized for her weight once by CEO JYP / She trained the longest among TWICE members, she trained since age of 8 / Model of Teen Nature CF along with boy group Boyfriend.

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(That’s about the real Jihyo, now here’s about me, her roleplayer)


Dorm: Cloud | Status: Currently the most active member lol

I started RPing as Jihyo not too long ago, but i guess this will be my chara for a long time. I usually not that good in describing myself but i try to write a bit about myself. I joined my agency in December 2014 as Lovelyz’s Lee Mijoo and end up having relationship in around two weeks wow that’s fast. But it comes as fast as it goes hahaha. Then i changed my chara to EXID’s Ahn Hani (so contrasting to my previous chara) then i change again to 15&’s Baek Yerin in a month (i really like change my chara a lot =_=). After that i became Lee Mijoo again and get out from my agency because of a little discord…. well it’s embarrassing. Skip that i change my chara again to rapper Jo Kisum and joined back to my old agency (so ridiculous i know). I solve the previous discord with the person uhm kinda (we are fine now tho) anddddd i get stuck in another problem again involving my new (kinda) couple and my ex lmao i mean my long lost ex. That was really a headache that i don’t even want to retell it here, i felt like a bad girl that time. Well, dark times but i still had time to change my chara to Red Velvet’s Wendy lol (those girl groups are super tempting 8( i love them) and then i forgot what happened next guess maybe i was back with my long lost ex. But not too long after that we broke up again and idk my memory’s kinda blur of what happened next. From Wendy i changed my chara a lot. I changed to TWICE’s Momo, then AOA Black’s drummer Youkyung and then go back to my old chara Lee Mijoo and i didn’t stop there. I change again to TWICE’s Chaeyoung and now here i am as TWICE’s Jihyo. Actually my history is longer than that but that’s all i want to put up here, some things better to be untold right kekeke. Now enough with that, i would like to describe about myself a bit. Well, let’s say i’m a moody person. One day I could be super cheerful and hyper, smile to everyone, reply every single of your tweets, talks rainbows and unicorns but in other day i could be a complete solitaire and refuse to talk to anyone, i would ignore everyone and get drown in my thoughts. Um i like to take care of others, and i usually think about others too much. But i’m not a saint lol, i do have flaws like being emotional sometimes (it includes in “being moody”), i have certain dislike toward some people’s actions (the actions only, the things they do, not the person) and it bothers me a lot even tho it has nothing to do with me. well that’s bad. I tend to put down myself with negative thoughts 8( this one is bad too. And once i dislike a person, it would take a long time for me to be normal again to him/her. Well, there must be more things people see about me either it’s the plus or the minus. But i think this is enough to let you know about me. Well that’s all from me~ see you<3


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