This is my first journal entry. I really never thought writing, well typing, would be something I would do. Well, I guess now that I’m here let’s start with Journal Entry 1.


They’re called CRUSHES for a reason. They make you go crazy and most of the time they CRUSH your heart. But, for some reason we still don’t care. We let them CRUSH and burn us up. We “love” them no matter what. We all have one, or if not had one. I do. His name is Andrew. He’s somewhat popular and for some reason I never knew who he was till this year. We have one class together. I don’t know what happened. We had a potluck in this class and we became kind of close. We watched a movie on my phone and ever since that day, we always text each other or video chat each other. He always calls me cute and I let him, but when we’re in school he acts like he doesn’t know me. I always get mad at him but every night when he calls or texts me I let it go like nothing happened. He makes me feel good inside but he also makes me go insane. He says he’s nice, and no doubt that he is, but something about him makes it seem like he’s bad. I know I’ll never have him and that CRUSHES me. I just hope I can get over him soon, because I’m dying. We all want our crush to pay attention, but we know most of the time they never will. He still goes through my mind even when I don’t see him. All I want is his attention and for him to like me back. Most of the time though it is our faults. We never told that person we liked them or we never really made it obvious, so why do we get mad at them for not paying attention? The point is crushes crush us and they will forever. I’m not sure if my crush will ever like me back, but I’m not going to ruin our friendship by telling him. I got too far to have him run away. So I’m just going to leave it here and let the rest fend for itself.

Lost Girl


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