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Saturday morning and Zander’s Packer team played against the Gladiators. Zander’s brother, Jacob, came out in the morning to assist 3 of our neighbors with dock removal, and I needed to connect with Jacob before heading to Zander’s game. So I got a late start and when I arrived the Packers had already scored their first touchdown!
Unfortunately, the scoreboard was difficult to see because the sun was shinning directly on it, and it was also difficult to follow the players. Zander had been sick during the week and was not 100% so coach played him mostly offense. As previously mentioned, Zander plays center and snaps the ball.
Because it was difficult to see individual players, Granny does not have a lot of detail. What I can say is that the Packer defense was successful in keeping the Gladiators scoreless. Zander had 3 successsful tackles. And, the Packer offense was successful in scoring 3 touchdowns including the 2 extra point kicks. You may recall that at this age, the teams receive 2 points for kicking the ball over the goal posts. However, on their last touchdown the scoreboard stopped at 20 points since the other team was scoreless. It also cracks me up to hear the players growl. A form of intimidation, much like a dog growling to communicate back off! Certainly more preferable than taunting the other players with name calling.
So it was fun to watch and it is always fun to win. That’s 2 wins this weekend and the bonus – Zander come home with me.
When we returned home Jacob was just finishing up with the docks. Neighbors were so impressed with his assistance they paid him double! Jacob stayed for lunch and we took the pontoon boat out on the lake since temps were in the mid 70’s. (We left our dock and boat in because the weather is still beautiful, and I intend to squeak every last day I can get.) Of course Zander brought along a football and we had fun tossing it around including playing monkey in the middle. Jacob had a size and skill advantage but we managed to get him in the middle a few times. It was so much fun to play and laugh with two fabulous grandsons. I am so thankful they belong to our family. Bragging Granny signing off for now.

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