Pumpkin Spice and everything nice

Yup, it’s that time of the year again where it seems as though there is a pumpkin spice version of everything. I’m not complaining by any means, i actually love this time of year. Autumn has always been one of my favorite seasons. I can’t help it, i suppose it’s because it makes me think of when I lived in Wisconsin. That state for me had the most beautiful autumns. The leaves would fall effortlessly with a slight breeze that never ended. The ground would be covered with different shades of reds, oranges, and browns. The world always just had this unique feeling about it, you could always tell when fall was finally here. oh and the the storms! gosh the storms were fantastic. The lighting would dance across the sky to where you could see every branch of the trees dance along with it. The wind would blow harder than any other storm and when it was all said and done the earth had this happy glow about it.

At the current moment I live in Texas, which is not a bad state by any means. I quite enjoy living here, though I miss the snow terribly. When it’s autumn in Texas it never gets as cool as you’re wanting and the storms never get as exciting. Sure the leaves are still falling and every girl is wearing ugg boots without a reason for it. It’s a different kind of autumn here, so I take comfort in all of the pumpkin spice I can get. You might as well inject into my veins somehow.

At the beginning of September smoothie king introduced it’s pumpkin spice and everything nice smoothie; which I took advantage of as soon as I could. Practically every time I walk into that building I’m leaving with one of those. I can’t help myself, they are so delightful and tasty, not to mention actually pretty good for you.

Last when I went to the store to buy some fruit I ended up in the milk section. I remembered I was almost out of almond milk, but there is was. Sitting my it’s lonesome in the middle of all of the other creamers. one last pumpkin spice creamer with only a few sugar free and fat free around it. Being the time of night that is was it was quite the surprise to see one left on the shelf. I grabbed it without a second thought.

The same thing always ends up happening when I get a bagel for breakfast somewhere, if they’ve got a pumpkin bagel then it is going in my mouth. No questions asked, it’s even worse if they have a matching smear; which Einstein’s bagels always does this time of year. It’s crazy though, that place will run out of pumpkin bagels before it even hits November. I remember last year once they were out there was nothing they could do. The main company wasn’t going to provide that store with anymore pumpkin bagels. I believe for every store they get a certain number and when they’re gone thats it. I suppose it’s because of the amount of stores and how much each one sells.

Anyways the main point is that pumpkin is back and taking over everything. Which I of course love, mainly because pumpkin is my favorite kind of pie. It always had been and probably always will. I suppose that is mostly because I can eat a whole one in a sitting.

Tonight is the super blood moon that is also a lunar eclipse. A lot of religious people are freaking out saying it’s the end of times, like they usually do. For me I’m just excited to see something this cool that wont happen for a long time. I’m making sure to get off of work early enough.

Speaking of work I’m about to be late if I don’t stop typing. so

Until next time….

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