This has been kind of a lazy Sunday. It felt good to just be home. Binks slept in so it allowed me to really enjoy my cups of coffee, enjoy listening to my favorite podcast (Lewis Howes), and read some motivational online scriptures. It also allowed me to have some deep thinking and conversation with God. Not going to lie, it felt great having that conversation. I was able to really allow myself to just lay out everything I was thinking and know there was no judgement behind it. I was also able to put together a game plan for my upcoming week.

When Binks woke he asked what our plans were and I told him nothing, just going to do a little laundry. He jumped up & down, clapped his hands together. He was just a little excited about hanging at home and just not having plan. I forget sometimes that we tend to be on the go a lot and he is dragged to whatever errand I have. Sometimes even the young ones need to just chill at home. Today we played some games, watched Disney channel and talked about what’s going on at school. Tonight when I put him to bed he hugged me super tight and said “momma, I loved today! We just hung out and it was fun. Can we do that tomorrow?!” I laughed and said I was so happy he loved today but tomorrow is school & work for momma, but next weekend we will do something just the two of us. He kissed my cheek and said okay.

I’m so happy he liked hanging out at home and with me. It’s important to take the time enjoy him and relax a little. For everything I’m going through, I know he’s going through it too, but he has been quite the little trooper. Never once has he complained. My other piece to my journey is to relax, slow down once in awhile and spend some quality time with my Binks.

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