Today I stop using excuses!

This is the hardest thing to do too. Excuses are our way of getting out of things and to stay in our own comfort zones. We were actually taught by our parents. Ever time we asked for something or to do something they would tell us an excuse. Not knowing any better this worked. As we grew older the excuses seem to save us from doing unwanted things.

I remember ever as a teen sometimes I just did not want to go to my friends house. Not because I didn’t like spending time with them but for the fact my room was my comfort zone. Yes a room. It had all the things I like to do in it. There is where I had my alone time to think.

I remember dreaming of doing things. But, that room kept me from so much. That room was my safe place. Over time tho I started feeling trapped. That room was taking my freedom away. I loved being outdoors. I love being around horses. I loved going fishing. I loved just laying on the ground and looking at clouds. I dreamed of getting away from it all had this dream of my own horse ranch even knew the breed I wanted.

Then I became a young adult and thought that a guy was going to come take me away and make my dreams come true. How heart breaking is it when it does not go that way. I got heartache after heartache. Guys who was so kind to you then wanted to use you. That is not the kind of life I asked for.

Now here I am broken down and in pain. Where has my dream gone? Did I just keep that comfort zone to long? Was it my fate? Or was it in God’s design? Sometimes you feel like the whole world is against you when it just made you who you are today. Are you stronger now then as a child? Have you given up on the world because that dream never came true? Or are you now more determined then ever to make it come true.

My life is not yours. You may have a successful life you may have your dream home, dream life, dream kids ,etc. Everyone has a life of their own.

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