What’s the point?

Why is it that, you intend to break me? I don’t understand. When I’m close to you, why does it feel like your miles away from me? Do you not love me? Have you fallen for someone else? Those questions run through my head all day. Yet I can’t find the strength, to even ask them. I guess, I’m pathetic like that, huh? I’m honestly giving up. Are these three years, just wasted? I think not. It’s a lesson for me. That I shouldn’t of came up to you that night. I should of just kept walking. Minded my own business, but I didn’t. i don’t regret it either because being with you has been amazing until now. You’ve taught me what it’s like to be in love. To feel it back. I’m trying to get through this rough patch with you, I really am. I just feel like you don’t even wanna try anymore. You just wanna keep stringing me along. I’m done with that. So either you wanna work this out with me, or you can leave. You can be with whoever you want to, even though that’s not what I want. I love you, but I’m asking myself.. What’s the point anymore?

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