a warning!

if you are contacted by a woman calling herself Dragon Ladee or Brenda Gallant in Quebec? run the other way. she’s a thief. a liar and a drugged out whore. she tried to get me to send her my novels ‘to edit’ for me and i was smart enough to NOT. i sent her a short letter that she swore up and and down she’d respond to immediately, and now THREE MONTHS LATER i am still waiting. now any way you slice it? that is a bad penpal and on the penpal circuit, we issued WARNINGS about this sort.

don’t send her anything.

don’t respond to friend requests.

don’t give her any personal information.

do NOT give her any access to animals. she is running a very illegal animal shelter with animals that are PROTECTED and is in fact an ANIMAL HOARDER.

do not trust her. do not not give her anything.

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